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Bernies Farewell Song
(with Ian Forbes)

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Welcome to the Conwy Folk Club members area

Our Principles and Policies
These overarching principles of how the club and its systems are managed day to day is to minimise work whilst maximising benefit.
This is because the processes involved in running the club are all done by volunteers, and it is unreasonable to expect them to do more work than is necessary.
These principles and policies have been abstracted from the club constitution, refined by subsequent committee discussion and decisions, and from standard practice.

Membership is for life and is free, this is for two main reasons:
- to facilitate management of the membership list
- to identify potential audience for ticketed events

Charging, for annual or life membership would require a system of management and accounting which would lead to people having to be "chased up" for their "subs".
The time committment is unknown but potentially substantial, if it were persued and then found to be excessive, there would be no easy way back to the existing system.

Encouraging young musicians
It is a stated aim in the Conwy Folk Club constitution that we encourage younger people to play and listen to Folk Music.
To this end we have paid expenses for some youngsters, but only after they've made the effort to play at the club as floor singers.
Younger players still need to earn their dues; if club members know of such players they can always offer transport in a personal capacity.
Unknown/unheard musicians
Musicians who will only come if money is offered are vigorously discouraged.
No Artist unheard by the committee will be offered or should expect remuneration for playing.

Booking Guest Acts
We source guest acts based on three paths:
- from suggestions from our membership (in person and from our website link)
- from approaches made from artists or their agents
- from acts we have seen at festivals or heard at other venues

All suggestions are presented to all members of the committee for consideration. Until we have agreed as a committee no committment is made to any artist, agent or promoter etc. There is no limit to the number of guests nights we can put on in the Legion, but extra guest nights mean extra work.

More volunteers are required if we want to organise/run extra guest nights. If you suggest an act for the club, don't be surprised if you're asked to help e.g. treking round with posters and leaflets!

Our weekly takings enable us to subsidise guest acts for our membership.
It must be remembered that we run a folk club, not a music venue.
As a folk club which puts on occasional guests, we have a very successful "business model" that the majority of members seem to be happy with.

Relationship with Hosts (Conwy Comrades Club): Licence
The licence that is now in place that we operate under states that the club must end at 11 o'clock. This being the case we will endeavour to start promptly at 8.30pm regardless of numbers.