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Club Sound Equipment

x2 Shure SM58 mikes
x2 Shure Beta SM57A mike
x2 Shure 12L Prologue mikes (deprecated)
x4 combined XLR/Standard Jack DI channels
On our standard set up x2 combined Standard Jack/XLR sockets are available for bespoke performer use
[Radio microphones will take one of the channels if used]
[phantom power available on all/any channel]
x2 Radio Channels with:
- x2 Stage Quality Radio Mikes or 1 plus:
- x1 Standard Jack DI Radio
- x1 "tie pin" Radio Mike
x8 LCD Stage lights
x5 microphone stands - 3 voice and 2 instrument
8 channel Soundcraft ui12 wireless mixing desk
Behringer NU1000 Inuke 1000 watt Power Amplifier (500 watt per side)

Contacting Us
Clwb Gwerin Conwy Folk Club prefer to have initial contact by email or post rather than by telephone.
A booking decision will often not be available for up to a month.
Where possible we prefer to deal directly with artists.

All publicity sent to Conwy is reviewed at our committee meetings. Only at those meetings is a decision taken by the committee as a whole on which artists to book.

Information for Professional Guest Artists

The Club Room
The club meets on Monday nights at Conwy Comrades Sport and Social Club's function room.
The stage is small, sufficient size for 4-5 (multi) instrumentalists and a singer
The maximum capacity is 140 approx people seated with room for another 40 standing.

The Artists
In almost all cases we make the initial approach to the artists who end up headlining our events.
The artists we book are likely to be already known to us through festival appearances, media coverage etc.
If you aren't in that category it's unlikely we would be able to offer a headline spot.
If we haven't heard of you, it is unlikely that our audience have, and we have a reputation to maintain.

Support Artists
We occasionally book support spots for up-and-coming artists who we believe have genuine promise.
These are usually 25 minute spots but we only offer them on guest nights, and are 'expenses only' bookings, takings permitting.

Floor Spots
If we don't have a booked support artist we generally have two or three floor spots (Singers 'From the Floor') available.
We are happy to take inquiries for these also.
Floor spots are unpaid but performers on guest nights get free entry discount and an opportunity to showcase themselves for the future.
If you are a non-UK or non-EU resident you will also need to obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship (work-permit) to play live in the UK.
We can't do this on your behalf. You will need to submit details of your proposed sponsor/agent.
More information via Overseas Artists
(We accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information)

Directed here by an email/message?
If we have asked you to look at this web page for our booking criteria and you are writing back to us, please consider the following:

- Live performances on YouTube will sell you to us best - not publicity/studio/home based performances.
- Festivals and live recordings on YouTube can show how the artist interacts with the audience, and how the audience responds to the artist after a song.
- Slick professionally produced YouTube videos with no audience give no clue of the artist's rapport - which is a big part of what a Folk Club is about.
- A link to your web site, Facebook page, Twitter account, myspace, and any other social media will help us to form an opinion of your suitability for our club.
- If you haven't heard from us within 4 weeks, then assume the worst, we do try to respond to everybody who follows these guidelines.

Conwy Folk Club is staffed and run entirely by gifted volunteers, most of whom are musicians themselves.